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Photo by bruce mars / Unsplash

Black Dollar Magazine (BDM) is a one-stop enterprise for Black entrepreneurs and readers looking for greater brand recognition and support through education and financial tools in Canada. Through the stories of successful Black entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and decision-makers in Canada, BDM will illustrate the valuable contributions these amazing people make to society daily. It’s also a hub for young Black Canadian talent on the path to creative entrepreneurship through arts, music and culture.

BDM will serve as a tool and resource for Black entrepreneurs as they look to navigate Canada’s often segregated business community. Additionally, BDM will provide perspective and critique on funding gaps and policy decisions that stifle Black economic growth.

Our goal is to:

//   Increase the value, growth potential and stability of Black businesses
//   Raise the purchasing power of Black individuals and families
//   Encourage practices of group economics in the Black community
//   Educate the Black community at large, including youth

Too often, we’ve been told that social participation and election ballots will bring about change in our community. The purpose of BDM is to highlight this: real change comes through wealth and resources. Our tagline, “Back to Black,” encourages current and future generations to create unique opportunities through entrepreneurship.