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More wine sellers make representing diverse vintners a priority

More wine sellers make representing diverse vintners a priority
Photo by Daria Volkova / Unsplash

Owner Kilolo Strobert of Fermented Grapes, a wine shop in New York's Prospect Heights neighbourhood, is compiling a list of wines with producers who are Black, Indigenous, or people of colour.

As the first full-time employee of the shop when it opened in 2004, Strobert began her career in wine. Since then, she has had positions in some of the most upscale wine shops in New York City, such as Le Dû's Wines and Morrell & Co. Late last year, she acquired Fermented Grapes from the original proprietors. She underwent remodelling and reopened in March alongside Max Katzenberg, a consultant in the hospitality industry.

Do you know how I appear? In an interview with the Washington Post, Strobert stated (I had seen a photo of her). "I fit that description. I'm very aware of how undiversified so many businesses, including wine, are. I made the decision that representation exists at my place when I bought the store. It's critical to have representation because it promotes development and allows people to identify with and identify with others who share their beliefs. So that's where I stand.

Source: Washington Post