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Black-owned Honey Pot Company secures groundbreaking $380M partnership to revolutionize feminine care industry

The partnership is expected to close in February.

Black-owned Honey Pot Company secures groundbreaking $380M partnership to revolutionize feminine care industry
Honey Pot Company co-founder Bea Dixon has made history, finalizing one of the largest partnerships for a Black woman-owned company with a major publicly traded company. HONEY POT COMPANY PHOTO

The Honey Pot Company, founded by Bea Dixon, has entered into a historic $380 million partnership with Compass Diversified (CODI), one of the nation’s largest publicly traded holding companies.

For The Honey Pot Company, the transaction represents a critical turning point. In a statement, the co-founder said the initiative has the potential to drastically alter the feminine care market by showcasing the creativity and tenacity of Black women entrepreneurs in the consumer products goods (CPG) sector.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with CODI, a firm that aligns seamlessly with our values and is dedicated to championing our vision of de-stigmatizing feminine care through accessible products and promoting holistic wellness, both inside and out,” Beatrice Dixon, co-founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Co., told Essence.

The Honey Pot Co. will continue producing plant-derived products to promote overall well-being. The original 15-member leadership team and existing owners will remain integral to the brand’s journey. Products are currently available in Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, and CVS.

“We believe that this partnership will not only enable us to sustain our commitment to innovation and education but will also empower us to continue cultivating a movement rooted in community and self-care,” Dixon told Essence.

The $100 million New Voices Fund, led by Richelieu Dennis, was crucial in facilitating this transformative deal. Dennis’s commitment to supporting women of colour entrepreneurs is reflected in the Fund’s mission to address access, capital, and expertise issues.

“If it had not been for the New Voices Fund investment, we wouldn’t have had the capital, access, or ability to grow our business with the very vision we held from the beginning,” Dixon told Essence.

The partnership is expected to close in February.

“I always say the journey of entrepreneurship is akin to major life milestones like a birth. You go through the birthing, and the toddler phases and ultimately watch that human move on to college, adulthood, and so forth,” Dixon told Essence.

The Honey Pot Company’s story began over a decade ago when Dixon, after experiencing bacterial vaginosis, decided to create a natural wash to address the lack of suitable options on the market.

“My bout with bacterial vaginosis opened up the reality that the experiences humans have with vaginas are not only real but continuously overlooked. I just knew there was a need, and that knowledge was my constant — which no doubt would have been harder to achieve without community,” Dixon told Essence.

With the partnership with CODI, Dixon plans to accelerate growth, foster innovation, and expand distribution points both in the U.S. and globally.

“I hope that beyond the headlines and quotes, the knowledge prevails — no matter where you are and what you do, who you have been and who you think you have to be, you can always begin somewhere,” Dixon told Essence. “Now, more than ever, you need to take that seriously.”