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Canada Post unveiling special stamp honouring Black abolitionist Mary Ann Shadd

Canada Post unveiling special stamp honouring Black abolitionist Mary Ann Shadd

Canada Post unveiled an honourary stamp in honour of Black pioneer Mary Ann Shadd on Tuesday, Jan. 23. The event will take place in Chatham and will pay tribute to Shadd's contributions as an educator, lawyer, abolitionist, and trailblazer.

Mary Ann Shadd holds a distinctive place in history as the founder of The Provincial Freeman. The newspaper marked her as the first Black woman in North America to edit and publish a periodical. Born in Delaware in 1823, Shadd became an advocate for the rights of Black people and women and the abolition of slavery.

The Provincial Freeman played a pivotal role in encouraging Black immigration to Canada during a time when racial tensions and the fight against slavery were at the forefront. Through her editorials, Shadd provided a platform for dialogue and actively promoted equality by advocating for the integration of Black communities into mainstream white society.

Shadd's commitment to the abolitionist cause extended beyond the pages of her newspaper. As a staunch abolitionist, she played an instrumental role in the Underground Railroad, a network that assisted escaped slaves in finding freedom in Canada. Her dedication to the cause of freedom and equality earned her a reputation as a formidable force against slavery.

Shadd was also a pioneer in championing women's rights. Her contributions extended to challenging gender norms and advocating for equal opportunities for women in education and public life.

The Mary Ann Shadd stamp unveiling is a prelude to Black History Month, which kicks off in February. The official issuance of the stamp is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 29.