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Ineffable Views targeting growth in events industry after record 2022

The luxury photo booth company, Ineffable Views, was founded in 2019 by sisters, Monica and Daniela Danquah.

Ineffable Views targeting growth in events industry after record 2022
Ineffable Views, founded by Monica and Daniela Danquah, offers a luxury photo booth experience in the GTA and New York for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and more. SUBMITTED PHOTO 

After reaching a significant milestone in 2022, Ineffable Views is targeting expansion.

The luxury photo booth company, founded in 2019 by sisters Monica and Daniela Danquah, became a six-figure business, and developed its corporate offerings and activations in different markets.

“It was one of our goals, and we surpassed it,” sister Monica told Black Dollar Magazine. “It makes me think about how important it is not to limit yourself. You can write down on a piece of paper and say you want to make X dollars or this amount, but who knows what’s actually in store for you?”

Now, heading into wedding and event season this spring, Ineffable Views is poised to reach new heights. The company also operates in New York and gets support from family members that live in the U.S.

Working with celebrities like Tyrone Edwards, cohost of CTV's entertainment magazine show eTalk, the founders have been able to network with executives from companies and non-profit organizations looking to run fun events for a variety of reasons and causes.

Monica said the sisters didn’t spend money on marketing until December 2022. She added quality results, customer service, and word of mouth have been the company’s key to growth.

“When we first started, we never knew that our business was going to turn into what it is now. We were always behind the scenes, we never wanted to put our faces to the business. But we realized that that may actually be a downfall,” Monica said. “Through networking, you're able to meet different people that can put you in different rooms and places and help you excel in your business.”

The due diligence helped Ineffable Views survive the pandemic, which was rough for companies in the events industry due to limited access.

While COVID impacted operations, the sisters worked with other vendors and created new ideas to stay in business. From custom yearbooks to activations outside the GTA, they hustled for results.

“Weddings are one of our biggest niches, but we also do birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate parties, and other events,” Monica told Black Dollar Magazine. “We also have tailored packages for newlyweds too.”

Today, the sisters, who are from Ghana, are considering setting up shop back home and looking at the U.K. as a potential market too.