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Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to earn revenue on the platform

Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to earn revenue on the platform
Photo by Roberto Cortese / Unsplash

Shopify has announced it is introducing a new "Shopify Collabs" offering to bring together creators and retailers on its platform and provide them with a new source of revenue. Shopify claims that users of this new tool will easily find and work with independent companies.

The first step for creators is to sign up for a Shopify Collabs account, after which they can search for Shopify merchants who cater to their target market. After discovering brands they enjoy, producers may collaborate with them and use Linkpop, Shopify's link in bio tool, to compile a list of their items for social media sharing. A creator will be compensated when someone purchases a product using the posted link.

The firm says each merchant's pay structure for Collabs may differ, and creators may receive their payments through their PayPal accounts.

According to Shopify, Collabs gives independent businesses a new sales and marketing channel while making it simpler for creators to monetize. Creators can apply to join a retailer's community by opting into the new Collabs offering, which allows merchants to make their store(s) and items discoverable. The relationship between creators and retailers may then be managed through collabs, ensuring that the creative has access to all they require, including special links and discount codes. Collabs are a Shopify-based application; thus, inventory, order, and customer information are always up to date because the merchant's Shopify admin manages the process.

The world's top independent brands establish their businesses on Shopify, according to Amir Kabbara, director of product at Shopify. "We're making it simple for creators to find and collaborate with these brands through Shopify Collabs so they can earn more money and achieve financial independence. Future integration of Collabs with Shopify will provide creators access to more features on our platform and hasten their entrepreneurial journeys."

Source: TechCrunch